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Happy sysadmin day!

This day is dedicated to the invisible guardians of the Internet, without which we are like without hands.

Dear system administrators, we congratulate you on your professional holiday! Hooray-hooray! In honor of the holiday, we are giving a special 15% discount on VPS in any location.

Unbelievable but true! The most generous promotion in the world of hosting

We are announcing the largest and most generous promotion in the history of PQ.Hosting! So, less words, more to the point, let's go! We promise it will be hot! And at the end you will find the same cherished promotional code.

34% discount in honor of the discovery of 34 countries - Norway

So, we solemnly declare that we have conquered the proud and cold Scandinavia, having reached Norway - 34 countries in the geography of PQ.Hosting servers! The promotion is valid until 23:59 04.06.2023

Hot Sale Tour!

The tourist season has started on PQ! We are announcing hot summer 15% discounts on PQ.Hosting VPS and dedicated servers in different countries of the world.

The promotion is valid until June 30, have time to buy your best server for yourself!

The perfect promotion? It's easy if you're with PQ!

Only from May 15 to May 31, prices for the most popular certificates from GlobalSign are reduced by 20%. The promotional offer applies to the purchase of certificates: AlphaSSL, AlphaSSL Wildcard, DomainSSL and DomainSSL Wildcard.

31% discount in honor of the opening 31th country

We are so excited about our expansion that we want to please you too! Therefore, we give a 31% discount on VPS in Estonia.