About the PQ.Hosting

PQ stands for Perfect Quality Hosting

Highest quality hosting. The Highest. Quality. We love our job. Philosophers say that the absolute ideal is unattainable, but at this time we just do our job and strive for ideal every day. It is pleasant for us when customers say "we haven't had this before." We excited being recommended to our friends. We do everything conscientiously - because we do care.

We really want your server to be perfect

  • We do not use equipment which is not ours
  • We buy all hardware from manufacturers
  • Constantly monitor its work

But nevertheless, choosing data centers for our servers, we selected the best ones - in Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, USA, Latvia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Slovakia, Czechia, Great Britain, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. These are real IT fortresses, reliable and unapproachable. The hardware itself is, of course, of the TOP-level, from the world's leading manufacturers. We only use new Intel DC version drives. The list of countries is constantly growing - we are systematically expanding our geography, taking into account customer requests.

We only recruit perfectionists to the support service. Therefore, be sure that any of your requests will be processed within 30 minutes. Any day. Any time of the day.

We have been in business since 2019 and are a member of RIPE, the worldwide association of Internet registrars. More than 10,000 clients use our services.

We love our job very much. The specialists who have been engaged in hosting services for a very long time has gathered here in PQ. And this is no longer even a profession for each of us. It is the work of a lifetime.

Therefore, we really want your server to be perfect. And we have done, are doing and will do everything possible and impossible for this.

"PQ Hosting" S.R.L

Moldova, Chisinau, str. Nicolae Dimo 23/3 ap.32
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