Make money on recommendations!

Recommend us to your partners and clients.

  • Up to 35% of all payments
  • Stable payouts
  • Committed to your success
  • Operates on an ongoing basis
    Attract a person once, and get interest on his expenses while he uses our services
  • You don't have to think of anything
    We have created a collection of banners in different sizes, save and use our promo for your website
  • System transparency
    Full analytics on attracted customers is displayed in your personal account

About program

Affiliate program is a way to earn money simply by recommending our services to other people through a special affiliate link that you will receive after registration.

About us in numbers

  • >25k
  • 28+

Where to post links?

  • Site
    Advertise us to your website visitors
  • Friends
    Recommend to your friends where to buy a quality server
  • Clients
    Recommend customers to buy a server in PQ
  • Social media
    Tell us about profitable promotions and your successful purchases at

How to become a PQ Partner

Starting to attract customers is easy!
  • 1 step
    on the site

    Quick and easy registration or sign in account.

  • 3 step
    referral link

    To receive, follow the link and get your personal referral link.

  • 3 step

    You can place the link in any form on your own and third-party sites.

It is forbidden to attract with the help of SPAM!

Affiliates caught in such a violation will be excluded from the affiliate program without payment of the earned amount.

Affiliate Rewards

Level Number
of active referrals*
Interest accrual
Base 3 3%
Advanced 10 5%
Part 20 7%
Businessman 40 10%
Business Guru 70 15%
Oligarch 100 20%
*A referral who uses at least one service in the current month is considered active (otherwise it becomes inactive).

Answers on questions

If you have unanswered questions, try asking consultant
What commissions do we pay?
We pay you up to 20% of all expenses of the client you referred. The exact percentage is determined by the partner's level table (see above).
How much can you earn?
We do not limit your income in any way! What's more, we're just as interested in your success as you are, and we're willing to pay you your commissions regularly, no matter how much you earn.
Who can be a member of the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is available to absolutely everyone. The only condition is adulthood.
When do payments occur?
On the first days of every month.
How to register in our affiliate program?
It's very simple: go through a simple registration on the site and write to us in telegram: @pqhosting_reseller