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Promotion in honor of hosting provider's day

Hosting Provider Day is celebrated annually on March 1. PQ.Hosting is an international web hosting provider. So let's raise virtual glasses of sparkling wine to our company and to you! 

We give a 30% discount for ordering or renewing a VPS in any of 37 locations in honor of the holiday!

New Year 2024 with PQ.Hosting - 24% discount on orders and renewals!

Friends, there can never be too much New Year's magic! The past year has been special, which means our clients should receive special gifts - in addition to our grand drawing, we are giving a 24% discount on orders and server renewals!

iPhone 15 Pro Max and other gifts from PQ.Hosting!

Take part in the live gift draw and take away one of the goodies of the outgoing 2023!

We have prepared a whole bag of gifts: iPhone 15 Pro Max, AirPods headphones, 3 sets of cool gaming accessories, up to 1 year of VPS use, a gaming chair and much more.

Black Friday at PQ.Hosting and 10 Telegram Premium subscriptions are waiting for you!

One black, black day, one black, black Friday, PQ.Hosting held a mega sale!

You might think this is a joke, but it's actually not. Use promo code BLACKPQ to order a new one or renew your current VPS with a 20% discount! And if you want six months of free VPN, then immediately order a server for 1 year!

PQ.Hosting numerologists predicted the magic of numbers 11.11

You already know how much we love beautiful dates, and you have probably been waiting for this day.

From November 11 to 13, an AlphaSSL security certificate will cost you 0 euros instead of 16 when ordering a new server. And using promo code PQ11.11 you can get a guaranteed 11% discount when purchasing any service!

36% discount in honor of the opening of the 36th country - Iceland

We conquered the largest island in the world of volcanic origin - Iceland. PQ.Hosting servers are securely located in the atNorth data center. This is a leading Scandinavian Tier 3 data center operator that meets all the high requirements of a modern data center.

By tradition, we are sharing a cool discount - 36% on VPS orders in Iceland.

35% discount on VPS in Belgium

Well, according to our tradition, of course, we have prepared a discount using the promo code 35BELGIUM. Do not miss the opportunity to buy your server in Belgium at a bargain price!

The promotion is valid until 23:59 08/09/2023

Happy sysadmin day!

This day is dedicated to the invisible guardians of the Internet, without which we are like without hands.

Dear system administrators, we congratulate you on your professional holiday! Hooray-hooray! In honor of the holiday, we are giving a special 15% discount on VPS in any location.

Unbelievable but true! The most generous promotion in the world of hosting

We are announcing the largest and most generous promotion in the history of PQ.Hosting! So, less words, more to the point, let's go! We promise it will be hot! And at the end you will find the same cherished promotional code.