Methods of payment Abuse

Server administration

We do it for free
  • basic OS installation, remote access setup
  • consultation on the operation of the server and software within the time allocated for the tariff
  • install, reinstall, restart server
  • hosting control panel installation (ISPmgr, Vesta, Hestia, Cpanel, Plesk, CyberPanel)
  • Basic setup of hosting control panels
  • creating users, adding sites, ftp accounts through the control panel
  • Install basic software (nginx/apache/php/mysql/mariadb)
  • migration of small sites on a standard set of software (linux, apache, mysql, php, js, mail)
  • VDS/VPS update
Free technical support hours
per month
Aluminium 3 hours
Argentum 3 hours
Ruthenium 3 hours
Iridium 4 hours
Palladium 4 hours
Osmium 6 hours
Aurum 6 hours
Platinum 8 hours
Rhodium 8 hours
Mithril unlimited
Adamantium unlimited
Obsidian unlimited
Performing for a fee
  • configuring any software (apache, nginx, php, mysql)
  • creating scripts
  • configuring / updating SSL certificates
  • building software from source
  • installation of non-standard control panels and hypervisors (vmware, OpenShift, rancher, etc.)
  • basic software tuning
  • installation, configuration of non-standard software (vpn, balancer, docker)
  • migration of sites, resources, data that do not work on php (clusters, ruby, nodejs, python)
Cost of works
  • Configuring and optimizing the nginx, apache web server from 10
  • Configuring a web server to work in conjunction with php - php-fpm, mod_php, php-cgi, php-fcgi from 15
  • Configuring a web server to work in conjunction with ruby, nodejs, python - mod_passenger, ruby on rails from 20
  • Installing ssl certificates on the site from 5
  • Configuring http 2.0 support from 5
  • Configuring memcache, varnish, redis, apc from 5
  • Tuning and optimizing MySQL, MariaDB, PerconaDB, PostgreSQL, Reddis from 10
  • Backup settings from 10
  • Configuring vsftpd, proftpd, pureftpd ftp server from 10
  • Setting up mail services - postfix, exim, dovecot, postgrey, iredmail from 20
  • Scanning the server for viruses and other malware from 10
  • Firewall setup, fail2ban from 10
  • Installing an OS from a client ISO image from 10
  • Change major PHP version from 10
  • Upgrading the MySQL/MariaDB database version, replacing MySQL with MariaDB from 10
  • Setting up a server for popular СMS (Joomla, DLE, WP, Cscart, Opencart, Bitrix) from 15
  • Installing, configuring a VPN or Proxy server from 10