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Rent a dedicated server in France with 10 Gbit channel.

Looking for a reliable and affordable dedicated server in France? We offer high performance and reliability, flexible customization and management options. Submit your request online now and get the best value for your money.

What is so good about the new servers?
  • Personal manager

    round-the-clock VIP support

  • Super fast activation

    half an hour, and your server is ready!

  • 1
    Organization of a
    private network
  • 2
    No hidden fees
  • 3
    to a 10 Gb port
  • 4
    Backup power
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
    Full control
    over the server
  • 8
    High - speed
    SSD drives

Rent a dedicated server in France

The longer the term, the greater the discount.

Discounts for payments over 3 months

  • DDoS protection

  • Unlimited traffic

  • Channel width — 10 Gbit

  • Free server installation

Rate CPU RAM Disks Control panels Price
White Pearl
2x E5-2697Av4
2.6 GHz, 32 cores, 64 threads
64 GB RAM ECC 2 x 960 GB Enterprise SSD
160.00 €
Graff Pink 2x E5-2697Av4
2.6 GHz, 32 cores, 64 threads
256 GB RAM ECC 2 x 1920 GB Enterprise SSD
350.00 €
Hope Diamond 2x E5-2697Av4
2.6 GHz, 32 cores, 64 threads
384 GB RAM ECC 2 x 1920 GB Enterprise SSD
400.00 €
We will activate the dedicated server
within half an hour after payment

Automatic server activation

No suitable configuration?

Contact support and we will select an individual configuration for you!

Available operating systems
Free with every server
  • Two processors per server
  • Hardware RAID controller on each server
  • Reinstall operating system in one click
  • Wide range of operating systems and control panels with automatic installation
  • Network access provided by the best ISPs in Europe
  • Control panel with full access (ipmi/ipkvm/ilo) for the duration of hosting
Additional Features
  • BGP Organization
  • Lease IPv6 addresses
  • Select a network over 10 Gbit
  • Giving CISCO ASA, Failover IP on request
  • Additional IPv4 lease (up to 32 addresses per server or networks /24 and above)
  • Turnkey server with your individual settings, parameters, requirements.
Available operating systems
Pre-installed software

Clients PQ.Hosting

We work with companies of any size
Why our server is perfect
We are trying to be perfect at all
  • SuperHard!

    We use only our own, proven equipment of the latest generation from the world's leading manufacturers.

  • You are special

    If you rent dedicated server for a long term – we will regularly make you a special offers and discounts.

  • Admin is always near

    We are ready to provide you with full twenty-four-hour administration of your server regardless of the selected tariff.

  • Free transfer

    If you need to transfer to us your project from another server, we’ll do it for free with pleasure.

  • Speed is over the top

    Our servers run on the ports with a speed of 1 Gbps. Your sites will load almost instantly.

    No. Just in a heartbeat

  • Disks

    All our drives are exclusively NVMe & SSD (Intel DC) with RAID 10 data protection technology for ultra-reliable data retention.

  • Your server - your rules

    Choose any operating system which is convenient for you to work with.

    We'll install it to your server.

  • Full control

    We have a large selection of control panels, including free ones. Determine the most comfortable one for yourself and manage the server with the rights of an administrator.

  • Like at hand

    We provide you with an IPMI panel for free, which allows you to monitor the status of all physical components of the server, even when it is turned off.

All Hardware
from Top Brands
We only buy from the best brands
Data center DC2scale

In the suburbs of Paris there is a French data center DC2scale of TIER III level, which meets all modern standards. It is equipped with a highly reliable power backup system (N+1), and each room has two redundant cooling circuits.

In addition, DC2scale has advanced monitoring and management systems to ensure continuous operation and security of customer data.

Renting a dedicated server in France is an ideal solution for owners of large resources. Locating a data center in France can be attractive to companies that have customers or business partners in the region, as it can provide faster data access and better performance. Large companies also often rent a server to host corporate infrastructure, a 1C system or remote workstations.

What is a dedicated server?

This is the name of a physical server that is provided entirely to one client. Unlike cloud servers, where resources are shared among several users, on a dedicated server, all computing power, memory and storage are available to only one tenant. This provides greater flexibility, security and performance for applications and sites that require high loads and resources.

For which projects?

Some typical projects for which dedicated servers are recommended:

  1. Large corporate sites and portals with high traffic.
  2. Online stores and e-commerce that require fast page loading and transaction processing.
  3. Game servers and online games where low latency and high performance are important.
  4. Applications with large volumes of data or complex calculations, such as data analytics or machine learning.
  5. Web applications and services that require a high degree of security and control over resources.
  6. Data backup and information storage with increased security requirements.

Using a dedicated server provides high stability and performance for such projects, compared to shared hosting solutions.

Why should you rent a dedicated server in France?

There are a whole lot of reasons why your business needs such a hosting solution right now. Here are just a few advantages that you will receive by renting dedicated space in France from us - PQ.Hosting:

  • full access to the server with administrator rights, allowing you to configure the system at your discretion;
  • equipment support from our company;
  • a wide range of tariffs to choose the optimal solution for the requirements of your project;
  • Lots of operating systems and control panels to choose from. You can use the software you need.
  • guaranteed reliability and stability of your project.

You don’t have to set up or maintain the server - our specialists take on all the responsibilities. All you have to do is leave a request on the website - we will contact you as soon as possible.

Which configuration should I choose?

We can choose a ready-made configuration that will fully meet the requirements of your project. You will not overpay for unnecessary resources; the rental price will be as affordable as possible without wasting funds. Trust our many years of experience.

When choosing a configuration, experts take into account:

  • processor type and number of cores;
  • volume of RAM;
  • number and type of drives.

The following factors are also taken into account:

  • location and reliability of the data center;
  • the width of the Internet channel and the absence of traffic restrictions;
  • quality of support and availability of administration.

PQ.Hosting server equipment is located in the modern DC2scale data center. This is a reliable data center located in the heart of France - Paris. It provides a high degree of security and reliability for hosting servers and other equipment.

It fully meets all the requirements that we put forward when choosing a data center - a high fault tolerance factor, the presence of security systems, etc. We also provide a channel of up to 10 Gbit/sec, do not limit traffic, and free support solves a wide range of issues. You can always rely on us.

Offer from PQ.Hosting

Do you want to rent a dedicated space in France? Contact PQ.Hosting! We offer flexible tariff plans and ensure a high level of security and data protection for our clients. The servers are equipped with modern protection systems against DDoS attacks and other threats, which allows you to be confident in the safety of your data.

By contacting us, you will receive professional support 24/7 and the opportunity to scale your resources as needed. Our team is always ready to help you with any questions or problems.

Choose PQ.Hosting and get guaranteed quality!

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How to choose the most suitable tariff for yourself?

As easy as ABC. Please contact our manager, he will ask you a number of guiding question - and select the most optimal solution for you. We have specially created a wide range of tariffs to meet the maximum spectrum of customer needs.

Are your services completely official?

Our business is legal and officially documented down to the last chip. We work in full compliance with the legislation of the European Union, Russia and Moldova.

Who will be able to access my information?

Only the circle of persons you define yourself. In addition to this list, no one else will be able to access your information - this is guaranteed by the protection of data centers, our IT security department and, of course, by the law.

Refund policy

We refund the money if the service is not provided in full, but only after filling out an application, where user verification is required by means of presenting a copy of passport and completing an application.