Earn with us!

Earn regular commissions on the resale of the perfect PQ Hosting

Interested in passive income? Join the PQ Reseller program, which we have developed especially for you.

It's very simple: you find clients, they rent PQ Hosting servers, and you get regular profit from their monthly fee.

Benefits program

  • Flexible system of discounts

    We give a discount of up to 20% on the order of all our tariffs, depending on the volume of ordered services.

  • Everything is very simple

    To join the program, you just need to register, install a billing system and import our tariff plans for resale.

  • We will help 24/7

    Of course, we completely take care of all the technical issues of server operation, round-the-clock support for you as a reseller, protection against DDoS attacks and communication with data centers.

  • No risk

    You do not buy expensive servers, do not negotiate with data centers on the placement of equipment, do not look for networks in a shortage. We provide all the technical part, you only have to support your customers and marketing.

  • Continuous development

    We regularly release new services, host servers in new locations, expand capabilities, so with PQ your brand will always be in demand.

How it works

  • 01
    Complete the simple registration procedure on our website.
  • 02
    Apply for connection to the program in telegram @pqhosting_reseller.
  • 03
    Billing setup
    We will help you connect and set everything up! You need to purchase a license and a virtual server for billing, configure (connect the payment system and mail server, select the currency of payments) and import our tariff plans.
  • 04
    Customer acquisition
    Attract new clients. Create pages with rates, marketing mailings, promotions. You can use any legitimate channels to attract customers.
  • 05
    By reselling our tariffs on your site, you earn profit from sales.

What services can you offer to your clients?

The answer is simple - absolutely all the servers and tariffs available on PQ.hosting - and even more!
  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Hi-CPU 4.5 GHz servers
Wide geography
  • Create your own rate plans
  • Customized servers for VIP clients
Such opportunities are provided with a certain total turnover

Reseller income

Level Monthly turnover Percent
Base 200 € 3% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Advanced 400 € 5% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Part 600 € 7% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Free BILLmanager
Businessman 1000 € 10% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Free BILLmanager
Business Guru 5000 € 15% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Free BILLmanager, the ability to create your own tariffs
Oligarch 10 000 € 20% Assistance in setting up your billing and automatic resale.
Free BILLmanager, the ability to create your own tariffs, personal conditions and privileges

With our reselling program, you can earn passive income at any turnover and at any stage of your resource development.

Become a Reseller

Answering popular questions

How can I be sure you won't take my clients?

Your customers will always be yours and yours alone. We will not even know who they are - we only know you and communicate only with you as a partner. In the same way, you will not advertise anywhere that you work as a partner of PQ.hosting. Therefore, PQ.reseller works according to this scheme: with any questions and suggestions, your customers contact only you, and you contact us directly.

What to do in case of unforeseen situations? And how often do technical problems happen?

We try to eliminate any risks that cause crashes and other errors. All equipment undergoes regular maintenance. And a team of specialists in 24/7 mode supports the stable operation of all servers. All our data centers have backup power. Malfunctions are possible, as elsewhere, due to force majeure situations. And in such cases, we are available around the clock, so write to us immediately.

How much can you earn?

We don't limit your earnings! Moreover, we have the technical capabilities to provide almost any amount of hosting, according to the needs of your customers. Your affiliate discount depends on the turnover: higher turnover - more discount - and, accordingly, more profit.

How to advertise a service?

  • Place links on specialized resources

  • Use contextual advertising

  • Give promo codes to customers

  • Place banners with your link

We are sure you have your own ideas for business development

Of course, if these methods do not violate applicable law.

Terms & Conditions

  1. PQ.hosting discounts and promotions, other than those specified in the affiliate program, do not apply to PQ.reseller partners.
  2. Your PQ.reseller account cannot be a referrer or attract referrals.
  3. A server that already exists in PQ.hosting cannot be transferred to the reseller program. Server migration between PQ.reseller members is also prohibited. Any attempt to "poach" existing PQ.hosting customers into the reseller project is prohibited.
  4. PQ.Hosting, PQ, our website addresses and other related derivatives are not allowed when advertising or seeking new clients. You cannot pose as a PQ employee, solely as a reseller.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to advertise and provide services to commit illegal activities, to place resources prohibited by law on PQ servers.
  6. Spam of all kinds is prohibited.