Data centers

We are very demanding of ourselves and our partners, so we chose data centers for our servers according to the most stringent criteria:

Availability of at least two power supplies plus a backup generator.
Mandatory duplication of all equipment for a full reliability assurance
At least two fiber-optic traces independent from Internet providers
Modern system of DDoS protection
Reliable security and surveillance system
Experienced, highly qualified service personnel

And these are just the main selection criteria: we pay attention to every detail to reach perfection.

And now we can say with confidence that our servers are located in the best data centers in Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, USA, Latvia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Slovakia, Czechia, Great Britain, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Let's tell a little more about each of them.


Serverius is the largest data center in the Netherlands and the most demanded in the European Union with a complete IT infrastructure. Channel power more than 2 TB / s, multi-level protection system against DDoS attacks and the best specialists in Europe.

Data center buys all equipment directly from leading manufacturers. Otherwise speaking this is the highest European quality.

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The leading Russian data center DataPro in Moscow has four powerful telecommunication inputs.

And it is guarded almost better than the Pentagon. You can get inside only after going through several levels of security, including biometric identification of the person.

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The best data center of Moldova is located in the city of Chisinau allocateв in a bomb shelter of a former military plant at the depth of 10 meters underground and surely is able to survive even a nuclear war.

The facility is guarded by two independent agencies, and the Romanian company Voxility provides DDoS protection.

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VERnet DC data center is one of the most demanded data centers in Latvia. It is located in the center of Riga in a former wine cellar of a historic building, where, due to a special architectural solution, an ideal microclimate for servers has been created.

This masterpiece of antiquity is effectively complemented by the latest building solutions, powerful communication channels, reliable air conditioning and security systems.

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Data center VOLIA is one of the largest Ukrainian data centers in Kiev. Allocated in two technical sites in different parts of the city.

In addition to ultra-modern servers, the data center has automatic backup services, backup power lines, and diesel generators.

Technical sites are equipped with the most modern cooling systems, video surveillance, security and fire protection systems.

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Hong Kong

Our partner in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Broadband Network, one of the leaders in the local telecommunications market. The Tier III + data center is equipped with the latest smart emergency system and redundant communication channels.

Our servers in the data center are directly connected to the Hong Kong Internet Exchange traffic exchange point, which provides efficient peering and therefore faster connection speeds.

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One of the key hubs on the US East Coast is vXchnge NJ-01. This data center is located in the vicinity of New Jersey, which avoids delays associated with congestion in the metropolitan area networks.

More than 4 thousand square meters of the data center are crammed with top-end equipment, protection and security systems - according to the highest American standards.

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Our data center in Toronto, Canada is owned by Cologix, one of the leading telecom operators in North America. The data center building is divided into separate leakproof zones with twenty-four-hour armed security and trap doors.

Uninterrupted operation is guaranteed by 25 diesel generators connected to four large fuel storage facilities. Water from Lake Ontario is used for cooling.

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In Germany, our servers are located in the Equinix data center, in the financial heart of Germany - Frankfurt am Main. The data center is directly connected to the world's largest traffic exchange point - DE-CIX Frankfurt.

This is the best solution for those who need a direct connection to the leading business resources in Germany, as well as maximum speed in the global financial market.

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The Digitalis data center of the telecommunications operator VNET is located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, at the intersection of European communication flows.

Digitalis has 4 independent channels, 1000 sq. m of area and level TIER III. It is built and operates according to modern eco-technologies that preserve the environment. And of course-round-the-clock security, protection, control and service.

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Our partner in the Czech Republic is Host – telecom. The TIER III data center is located south of Prague, near the town of Ceske Budejovice. It is equipped with intelligent climate control systems, fire detection and load distribution. The power supply is supported by four independent sources.

Our data center is also considered one of the safest in the Czech Republic. It is under round-the-clock external and internal security, video surveillance, and there is a police station just a kilometer away. For 10 years of work in the data center, there has not been a single incident related to the seizure of information.

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Great Britain

United Kingdom-the data center of the company UK Servers is located in Coventry, one of the main industrial and cultural centers of the United Kingdom. The modern eco-cooling system of the data center is 80% more efficient than traditional air conditioning. A multi-level energy supply system with a fuel reserve for 2 days of uninterrupted operation of the entire complex is provided.

The data center has access to the London Internet Exchange traffic exchange point, also known as LINX. The building is guarded around the clock by people and automatic security systems, every corner of the data center is under video surveillance in recording mode.

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Our Israeli server base is located in the city of Petah Tikva, in the Bezeq data center. Communication with the world is maintained using three separate underwater routes, uninterrupted power is guaranteed by two generators, and the complex itself is located underground, at a depth of 5 to 10 meters. The air conditioning system, as well as the power supply, is also duplicated.

The data center is built of concrete using technology that protects against earthquakes. Elite security guards guard the data center 24 hours a day, and entry to the building is possible only after biometric identification of the individual.

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All equipment is under constant control of data center specialists. However, it is said, trust but verify.

Therefore, our employees also monitor the operation of equipment in all data centers 24-h/7-day.

This is because, it is important for us to guarantee each client that his projects will work faultlessly, like a Swiss watch.