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Promotion in honor of hosting provider's day

01.03.2024, 17:36
Promotion in honor of hosting provider's day

Every year on March 1, Russia celebrates Hosting Provider Day. PQ.Hosting — is an international web hosting provider, where a significant share of our clients are users from Russia. So let's raise a virtual glass of sparkling wine to our company and to you!

Already, PQ.Hosting servers are available in 37 countries around the world, and we are not going to stop there! Thank you for your daily inspiring support in our aspirations to reach new heights! The number of servers used by our clients is growing rapidly. Just think about it – over 50,000 servers have already been launched! We turn all the toggle switches to maximum and further: the average rate of server consumption at the moment is recorded – over 170 kW!

We are giving a 30% discount on ordering or renewing VPS in any of 37 locations in honor of the holiday! Record a video review about our cooperation with you – tell us what you like most and why you are ready to recommend us to others!

What are the video requirements? 

Record yourself in horizontal format. Duration no more than 30 seconds. We will publish the videos on our website and social networks. 

Please note

We accept video reviews  only from real PQ.Hosting clients. If you have not previously used our services, you cannot participate in the promotion.

Send the video to Telegram @pqhosting_sale and the sales team will activate your discount. 

And if your sites are spinning? already somewhere, then we will transfer them to our facilities for free, and even at a profit – We’ll give you 1 month of VPS so you can use PQ.Hosting services even longer!