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Boosting to 10 Gbps in Slovakia!

22.05.2024, 15:22
Boosting to 10 Gbps in Slovakia!

We at PQ.Hosting have been building a reliable and sustainable infrastructure for your business in Slovakia for more than 5 years. And today we are raising the bar even higher, accelerating the port speed to 10 Gbps without traffic restrictions! 

This means that your site will become more  faster and more efficient: 

— increase in coefficient  conversions: visitors will stay on the site longer and  shop more often

— increasing SEO indicators: a fast website ranks better in search engines and attracts more organic traffic. 

Choose the appropriate tariff and order VPS/VDS servers in Slovakia

— 24/7 technical support: solve all problems quickly and  effective;

— KVM virtualization: a reliable and flexible platform for your server;

— the ability to install the OS from your own ISO image: configure the server to suit your needs;

cool rates from 4€ and many other useful features and services!

Join PQ.Hosting and enjoy high-speed 10 Gbps connection in Slovakia!