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PQ.Hosting sums up 2023

28.12.2023, 20:22
PQ.Hosting sums up 2023

The year 2023 was filled with bright events and new achievements for us! We strived to make your experience with us even more enjoyable and today we want to sum up the results of the outgoing year.

Expanded geography and opened new countries

Now PQ.Hosting servers are available in 36 countries around the world, and we are not going to stop there! Requests for new locations come in non-stop, we continue to travel around the world and look for the best data centers for you!

Uninterrupted operation in all directions

The number of servers used by our clients is growing rapidly. Just think about it - over 45,000 servers have already been launched, and there are more than 100,000 users! We turn all the toggle switches to maximum and further: the average current consumption of servers is recorded - over 170 kW!


Launched dedicated servers in the USA

We now provide dedicated servers in the USA, opening up new opportunities for you! Tariff lines are represented by servers on 2xE5-2697Av4 processors (32 physical cores and 64 threads), DDR4 ECC RAM, Enterprise-level SSD and 10 Gbps Internet channel!


New HI-CPU tariffs rolled out in the USA

We recently announced the launch of new HI-CPU plans in the US on the powerful AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X processors. This improvement will allow you to get even more computing resources for your projects! Let's lift the veil of secrecy: the Netherlands and Germany will soon operate at the same capacity!

Moved to ultra-modern data centers

Your projects must work non-stop and bring visible results, so we have made 2 major moves to larger and more powerful data centers!

Overclocking from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps!

2023 is the year of increasing port speed. So already in the USA, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Iceland, Moldova, Great Britain and the Netherlands, our customers have as much as 10 Gbit/s at their disposal instead of the usual 1 Gbit/s! Our goal is 10 Gbps in every country and we are working hard towards it. Soon the geography of high-speed countries will increase: Ukraine and Finland are on the way, and while you read the results of the year until the end, we have already increased the speed in France! C'est très bien!

Protect the security of websites and financial transactions

The launch of sales of SSL certificates showed the need for proper use of transmitted data on a website: without proper encryption, no online store or bank can operate in the digital world. We have removed the main problem from our users - by purchasing an SSL certificate from PQ.Hosting, your clients and you yourself will never fall into the trap of scammers!

We are in touch 24/7!

You know that our first and second lines of technical support are always available 24/7 in any convenient format of interaction. We have reached a new level and connected the financial department, which is now also available around the clock! In addition, we have expanded our staff - now we have over 30 highly qualified specialists, which means tickets or chats are processed even faster! And yes - while everyone makes wishes and celebrates with sparkling wine, we work even on New Year's Eve, because we light up the stars!

Launched WireGuard VPN for the server

Now your data is reliably protected: choose any country and configure the security of transmitted information in two clicks - browse websites or watch videos without worrying about data leakage! VPN is a beloved service that is available to everyone and is now available in all countries. Very soon we will release our own application using an individual protocol for even more comfortable use.

We reviewed the affiliate program and...

...improved conditions for resellers! We heard your wishes, and now you can earn even more with PQ.Hosting! Recommend us to your clients and receive up to 20% of all payments!

Events under the PQ.Hosting brand

PQ.Hosting is not only a powerful international hosting provider, but also the general sponsor of past drag racing championships ADRENALINE FEST and the Moldova women's national team volleyball! Those who need more care were not left without our attention – this the younger generation and children who find themselves in a difficult life situation!




PQ.Hosting: 5 years with you!

We celebrated our first anniversary! Hurray-hurray-hurray! We say “Thank you!” to each of you! After all, you are the main driver of development and the impetus for creating something new: opening new locations, launching new tariffs, solving new cases and expanding the scope of coverage! Let's drive further!

This is only a small part of what was done in 2023 - improving the quality of services provided, purchasing new equipment, moving to powerful data centers: all this is done to improve the work of your projects. We have not stopped growing for a minute, but we have a distinctive feature - PQ.Hosting does not increase prices or tariffs, but on the contrary, we make them the same all over the world! We don’t stop there and put an ellipsis in our development book! New achievements, victories, events and a lot of news await us in 2024!

PQ.Hosting congratulates you on the upcoming New Year and wishes you harmony, goodness and the fulfillment of your dreams! Hurray-hurray-hurray! See you in the New Year 2024!