Important! Changes in VPS tariffs.

28.12.2022, 16:05
Important! Changes in VPS tariffs.

No matter how much we would like to tell you only good news, objective reality intervenes and sometimes forces us to throw a “fly in the ointment”.

Alas, we have to raise rates for virtual servers. And this is not our whim.

Why is that?

You probably know yourself. But, of course, we will clarify.

We managed to survive the coronavirus crisis and keep prices at the same level, despite the rapid inflation around the world, problems with logistics, etc.

After the beginning of what is happening in Ukraine, we also held out for a long time. But the jump in energy prices and the subsequent increase in the cost of IP addresses and the same inflation (which increased from 10 to 85% in different countries) is a combination of those factors from which we no longer have the ability to protect ourselves and you.

So, unfortunately, we are forced to state that prices are rising for almost everything and almost everywhere. And in order to simply keep the business and adequate salaries for employees, as well as develop and make the service better, we will have to be in this unpopular “trend”.

At the same time, the changes are minimal: 1 euro for each tariff.

And permanent discounts when paying for 3-6-12 months remain.

New tariffs are introduced from 01/01/2023. Until this date, you have the opportunity to pay any tariff for any period at the current price.

Thank you for your understanding, we wish you peace, warmth and stability.

Sincerely, PQ.Hosting Management