4 years of PQ.Hosting! Let's sum up the results and share pleasant bonuses

14.12.2022, 00:07
4 years of PQ.Hosting! Let's sum up the results and share pleasant bonuses

In 4 years we have grown significantly, learned a lot, gained invaluable experience and shared it with our customers. This, of course, is not the final point of the route, there are many more victories and achievements ahead of us. And now it's time to make a small checklist and take stock.

Let's sum up the results together

1. Let's start with the most important thing – with our customers, who are now more than 25,000. Just think: in fact, we provide servers for the whole city! This figure is constantly growing, and we want to thank you for being and staying with us. We love you very much. This holiday is yours!

2. We are expanding not only the customer base, but also the geography, constantly opening in new countries. Now PQ.Hosting servers are already available in 28 locations around the world, and we are not going to stop. Requests for new countries are constantly coming in, we continue to travel around the world and look for the best data centers for you.

3. Existing services are constantly being improved in terms of speed, convenience and, above all, security. But we don't forget to introduce new services. Among them are high–power dedicated and virtual servers, wholesale hosting, VPN, VPS Storage and much more. Special programs for resellers and partners (white label) have been launched, which allow everyone to earn absolutely legally and safely on PQ.Hosting equipment.

4. We are constantly updating the hardware. Sometimes these updates are more than cardinal. What only our "updates" are worth in new countries: the equipment is now only a new generation, in existing ones it is already possible that your server is running on new generation processors, including we are actively upgrading the network. And yes, we strictly adhere to the policy of "all hardware is only our own, nothing rented."

5. We do our best to keep prices down, no matter what. Catastrophes and global inflation in recent years have inflated the cost of logistics, energy, components and other things to unprecedented levels. We have set ourselves the task of finding ways to solve such issues with minimal damage (and more often without damage at all) for customers. Without a twinge of conscience, we are proud of how we manage to keep the pricing policy unchanged.

6. The PQ.Hosting team is constantly growing – quantitatively and qualitatively. And all these years our staff has been in constant contact with customers, receiving and processing your feedback. This allows us to increase the level of service and become even better.

Thank you for choosing PQ.Hosting every day!

And now let's move on to the most pleasant. What kind of birthday without a gift? Of course, we have prepared discounts for you: with the happybirthday promo code, you can order and extend your server with a discount of 14%

We look forward with optimism and confidence in our mutually beneficial, close and pleasant cooperation

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Always yours, the PQ.Hosting team!