Our geography is expanding: China has become the sixth country hosting PQ servers. More specifically, Hong Kong. Our partner in this country is the Tier III + data center of HKBN, one of the local leaders in the provision of communication services.

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Dear users! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new location Ukraine, Kiev. This location appeared largely due to your requests for a site in Ukraine. Now we provide servers also in the VOLIA Data Center - one of the largest data centers in Ukraine.

This location is running on NVMe drives. This significantly speeds up data access compared to SSDs, as the connection is via the faster PCI Express bus.

Regards, The Team

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As you remember, we recently conducted a survey on whether it is necessary to expand the geography of servers to another EU country. Almost all of our customers supported this idea, and we entered into a cooperation with one of the best data centers in Latvia.

VERSIJA's VERnet DC data center is located in the center of Riga and has been maintaining an excellent reputation among partners and customers throughout its work since 2011. But you know what we liked especially? You will never guess: the data center is located in a former wine cellar! On the one hand, it’s just cool, but seriously, it’s an ideal place to store information. After all, the requirements for the architecture of the wine cellar are very specific: there should not be dust, dampness, moisture, the temperature should be stable, and the walls should be as strong as possible.

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We have to confess something to you. Yes, yes, right now, honestly and frankly.

We were wrong.

The fact is that when we launched Perfect Quality Hosting, we were sure that you would like our servers, tariffs, and service. But we did not expect that there would be SO MANY people wishing to use our services!

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Now Perfect Quality Hosting is available in a convenient format on your smartphone. You can visit us at and – which is a shorter name made for your convenience.

In addition, both the web and mobile version of the site has the chat with our specialist who is ready to answer all your questions and offer you a perfect server in just 15 minutes.

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Can you get an ideal server for 1 euro? Why not! In honor of hosting service launch, we offer all new customers a super-profitable promotion: the Aluminum tariff for only 1 euro per month! And the rest of tariffs are with a 50% discount.

You can find more information about this promotion here.

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