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Obtain a powerful VPS at absolutely NO COST!

02.07.2024, 13:09
Obtain a powerful VPS at absolutely NO COST!

Yes, you heard it right! For a limited time, PQ.Hosting is offering FREE VPS servers to new and existing clients! Complete account verification and receive a FREE server for up to 3 months*! And if you already hold the "Verified" status, you have a unique opportunity to receive a 50% discount on renewal or ordering a VPS in any of our locations!

*Applicable to plans up to Palladium in all 38 countries!

But that's not all—in addition to the free server, we are also giving away ISPmanager licenses for 1 month and Alpha SSL certificate!

And for our referral program participants, we have prepared a special draw — the more referrals you bring, the higher your chances of winning a cash prize* of €1,111 from PQ.Hosting! Your clients also unequivocally benefit from the free server offer — a double advantage for your referrals!

*Please note the requirement for signed documents/confirmed partnership relationships.

This incredible offer is available for a limited time. Get your FREE VPS today and experience the power of PQ.Hosting!

How to complete verification?

1. Log in to your personal account.

2. Go to the main billing screen and in the "Quick Access" panel, click "Complete KYC."

For your convenience, we have placed the button so you don't have to contact technical support!

After completing the identification process, contact our technical support service, and your gifts will be activated!