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Nimbus Threat Monitor: New Protection for PQ.Hosting Clients

17.06.2024, 11:36
Nimbus Threat Monitor: New Protection for PQ.Hosting Clients

Now, the PQ.Hosting team and every client can:

Improve cybersecurity threat detection: Nimbus correlates network flow data with leading IP reputation intelligence sources, providing deep analytical insights into potential threats;

Enhance network security: Early attack detection and timely alerts allow PQ.Hosting to efficiently respond to threats, safeguarding its network and its clients;

Join a global network: Nimbus integrates PQ.Hosting into a vast ecosystem of thousands of other networks collaboratively working to detect cyber threats and botnets.

At PQ.Hosting, we are committed to providing maximum security for our clients. The integration of Nimbus Threat Monitor from Team Cymru will significantly enhance our cybersecurity level and provide our customers with a more secure and protected environment. 

About Team Cymru:

Team Cymru is a global leader in cybersecurity, known for its expert cyber threat analysis and provision of key data to numerous cybersecurity companies. Nimbus Threat Monitor is one of Team Cymru's key solutions.