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Limitation in port availability on VPS

08.08.2023, 23:17
Limitation in port availability on VPS

Dear customers!

From today, it was decided to limit the usage of 25 port on VPS services. This restriction applies only to new services issued since the publication of this news. The port remains open for old services.

The reason for this innovation was the repeated use of our services for spam and other illegal use. If you are a decent customer, you will not feel this limitation in your work in any way. On the contrary, our system will become cleaner, the reputation of mail services will be higher. 

If you need a mail service on a VPS, you can leave a ticket to the technical department with a request to open port 25. In the body of the letter, specify how and where the server will be used (based on this, a decision will be made to open the port).

We don't want to leave you with just one piece of news about restrictions.

Let's talk about new features!

Now you can order up to 20 extra IP to VPS starting from the Argentum tariff (the number of IP addresses is limited and it is possible to wait for the addition of IP addresses). 

We try to do an honest service for honest customers and are glad to see positive reactions from you, and to work on negative ones and fix them! 

Thank you for your attention, and we're getting back to work!