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We conquered Scandinavia by reaching Norway

02.06.2023, 21:52
We conquered Scandinavia by reaching Norway

So, we solemnly declare that we have conquered the proud and cold Scandinavia, having reached Norway - 34 countries in the geography of PQ.Hosting servers!

PQ.Hosting servers are now installed in the IP-Only data center, located in the quiet outskirts of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

The total capacity of the data center is about 250 racks with dual access control. Backup cooling, network connections, and power are duplicated according to the 2N principle. There is an automatic fire extinguishing system. Despite the distance from the city center, getting to the data center is quite easy, by metro or bus. We will definitely do this someday to share with you a photo report from the scene.

Now we have full coverage throughout Scandinavia: PQ.Hosting customers can order servers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark. And also - in the Baltic countries and in many others around the world.

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