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Accident in the data center of Canada

28.05.2023, 22:47
Accident in the data center of Canada


We would like to turn to you again with positive news, but, unfortunately, no one is immune from external factors.

We are sorry to inform you that an accident has occurred in the Data Center in Canada. In the block where our servers are located, the cooling failed, which is why the equipment is currently suspended. Specialists are already actively working on restoring performance, cooling is already working, we just need to wait for the optimal temperature so that we can turn on the servers.


Don't worry, all your data is saved and still safe. Very soon you will be able to continue working on PQ.Hosting servers, and we will also improve the quality, maintaining the status of an ideal hosting.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Always with you,
PQ Hosting